The big picture

Any publication, whether it be in print, digital, audio or video, has discrete steps on the creative journey.

To complete your publication into a form that gives you joy and deep satisfaction each step requires focused energy, effort, experience and expertise!

Proofreading & editing

While you focus on the creative side I’ll focus on the spelling, punctuation, grammar, style consistency and many other details as set out in the Australian Government Style Guide – or whichever style guide you prefer.

$25 per thousand words.

Cover design

The reality is that everyone does ‘judge a book by its cover’.


  • one royalty free image (photo or illustration)

  • front, back and spine

  • includes two author revisions



Work with author to set up Square account. Includes:

  • image of cover

  • setup for two ‘items’: one for selling at events, one for selling online (includes postage)

  • url (internet address) for the online ordering

Design brochure to advertise and promote the publication.


e-Book publishing

Work with author to set up Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account or negotiate publishing contract with Design-Print-Online’s KDP account.


  • through Kindle Create software prepare manuscript or PDF for publishing on KDP platform

  • setup ‘chapters’ for Kindle book

  • if required resize PDF for optimum viewing on a phone

  • advise and/or setup price for optimum royalties

  • add url for the Amazon Kindle page for the e-book to website

After manuscript of PDF is uploaded to KDP it can take up to 72 hours for Amazon to approve publication online.



If you are planning on self-publishing your book then the most important marketing step you can take is to create a website focused on your book(s).

The perfect project plan is to produce your book and website in tandem. This can ensure your potential market can preview your book and pre-order (perhaps at a discount).

In the beginning the website can be as simple as a landing page with a link to the Square online order page. Further material (pages) can be added as the project progresses such as samples of page design, cover, author background, photos of collecting your book from the printer or at your book launch. Links can be provided to videos or audio.

Design-Print-Online will produce your website in collaboration with Hostinger web hosting services. Hostinger has excellent ratings and prices for this type of website.

Prices start from as low as $US2.99 per month for hosting for 48 months ($143 Australian at 21 September, 2023). This price includes features such as:

  • secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate

  • domain WHOIS Privacy Protection

  • free domain for 1 year

  • free email account.

$200 base cost + domain and hosting costs

Terms & conditions

Prices as at October 2023.

Please note these prices are provided as a guide only. I attempt to make your costs as reasonable as possible, but every publication is different.

For example a family or local history publication may require a large number of photographs and images throughout the publication.

Ensuring all images meet the standard required for printing (300 dpi), image placement, cropping, resizing, captions and copyright details can add considerably to the time required to complete the publication to your satisfaction.

For further information around prices please contact me and provide as much relevant information about your publication as possible, eg word length, the nature of the publication (fiction, non-fiction, etc). Thank you for your interest. I look forward to working with you to bring your publication to fruition.